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People cannot afford to use modern equipment and machinery such as electric or gas cookers. Sovereignty means the freedom to decide and execute domestic and foreign policies without interference from another country.

This conditionality typically includes, reducing barriers to trade and capita; flows and tax increase and cuts in government expenditure. Hindrances to national sovereignty Poverty.

The Objectives of Privatization 1. In Tanzania general elections are done after 5 years For this election, one is decided a winner by simple majority votes Elections are held to fill parliamentary seats which become vacant between general elections When are parliamentary elections held.

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This made many Africans countries fail to improve their economic growth. Tanzania was formed on the 26th April Gender discrimination Implies treating women unequally from men based on their gender e.

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The Constitution of vested the power of making laws to theNational Assembly, which was indirectly elected by active citizens. It has led to the fall in agricultural sector due to the withdrawal of the government from providing the agricultural incentives. To promote comprehensive research activities on various areas that range from economic, social, political and environmental aspects.

Thanks so much Luke All economic policies in this stage are harmonised or are common. Wage labourers collect funds from agencies. They learnt to set up institutions and manage them.

By the midth century this trade linked West Africa with the external world through enslaving Africans.

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Advancement in Science and Technology; The development of science and technology has contributed greatly due to the development of global interconnectedness, interactions and integration of the world societies into the single global village.

One of the most revolutionary social reforms of the Jacobin regimewas the abolition of slavery in the French colonies. Men- production and reproduction includes hunting, protecting family, looking after cattle, building houses and food production. OR Role of women in French revolution Most women did not have access to education orjob training.

The people of the central and northern highlands are nutritionally the most deficient, while the coastal and southern highlands zones register the severest levels of poverty. The keywords in the Preamble of the Constitution of India are discussed as follows: There are so many cases of parents failing to pay school fees for their children after they have been selected to join secondary schools.

To rationalize the public sector to enhance employment opportunities. This is due to privatization which has made a good number of companies to engage in business of the same kind. It describes certain rights which are given to citizens and also describes certain restrictions on those rights.

The rule of law: To create more market oriented economy where those privatized firms will participate in the stock market. A constitution has the following functions: Lowering explicit and implicit taxes on the agricultural sector, raising real producer prices while reducing subsistence taxes on imports and liberalization of export crop marketing.

It is different from previously, when people were buying only what is in the market without choice. Another reason for integration is to encourage diversification of the economies of the member countries following the expanded market and removal of trade restrictions.

In the summer of the Jacobins planned an insurrection.

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Some of them say that the existing constitution given by the monarch can be amended to allow more powers to elected representatives. The common and communicable diseases such malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, TB and anemia are the main causes of death in Tanzania.

Constitutional Design

Equal and direct access to socio economic activities. Privatization refers to the policy of transferring assets and activities of public sector to the private sectors to be owned and operated by individuals. The President is part of the parliament but not a member of the parliament.

Each of us is confronted with decisions we must make everyday. Study Material and Notes of Ch 2 What is Democracy? Why Democracy? Class 9th Civics. 1 Introduction. The purpose of this book is to provide relevant material for each subject in O-level education here in Tanzania. The first edition contains civics.

Otlin notes that our paper entitled “The Republic Is Still at Risk—and Civics is Part of the Solution” has been cited in support of S. –for example, by Alan Solomont and Arielle Jennings, in “Training Citizens, One Student at a Time.”He focuses on the section of our paper about Florida’s recent law, whose centerpiece is a mandatory course with a high-stakes test.

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Civics Chapter 20 Vocabulary Subhan Shahid 3rd Hour 1. Business cycle- a recurrent fluctuation in the total business of a county. 2. Expansion- anything spread out; expanse. 3. Inflation- a persistent rise in the general level of prices related to an increase in the volume of money.

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