Living off campus

If you are going to have your private vehicle at your residence, be sure to understand where you can and cannot park in order to respect your community and to avoid tickets or getting towed. There are incredible upsides to each—but from my experiences, here are the top five reasons to live off campus: When you walk through the property, make sure to check the following: Often, off-campus housing is more expensive than on-campus housing.

Students living off-campus will have the experience of both being scholars at Bucknell University and members of the Lewisburg community.

Comparing Expenses For Living On Campus vs. Off Campus

When living off-campus, it may not be convenient for you to walk to campus so you would have to find transportation. While most universities provide dormitories for their students, many schools also allow undergrads to live off-campus.

Inspect your apartment for damages. What person-to-bathroom ratio are you comfortable with. Check that neighbors feel the neighborhood or complex is safe.

Commuting allows students to save an incredible amount of money over the duration of their college career without settling for a second-rate education. Test that your doors and windows close and lock properly. Living on-campus guarantees all sorts of facilities and amenities will be readily accessible — from the gym and the dining hall to your classrooms and the library.

It cannot be changed while it is in effect unless both parties agree in writing. In these cases — and many others — renters insurance could save you thousands of dollars. This truly gives students a chance to be welcomed into the real world. A week will be given to complete the application process and approximately students will be approved based upon their completed application, their Greek housing status, their current judicial record, and a random number lottery system.

Mailboxes are locked and in good condition. When deciding whether to live on-campus or off-campus, think about what is important to you. A Roommate Contract lets you be very clear on expectations from the very beginning, which often helps you avoid conflicts later.

One-bedroom apartments tend to be most expensive. Are heating and cooling systems and hot water heater in good condition. The independence that students learn from commuting can carry them to incredible heights in their career after graduation.

Living off-campus at Bucknell is both a great privilege and a great responsibility.

living on-campus vs. off-campus

When living off-campus, the student becomes the face of Bucknell for members of the local community, and we want that face to be a welcoming one. The Office of Residential Life and Housing provides those students that are thinking of living off campus with a list of topics to consider when evaluating if off-campus living is right for you.

Comparing Expenses For Living On Campus vs. Off Campus

Living On Campus Notes: * Monthly rent cost for campus housing are the Housing Rates per room type, divided by a four (4) month period. Living Off Campus. Undergraduates and Graduates in off-campus housing or in university owned/affiliated apartments.

The Great Debate: To Live On-Campus or Off-Campus

Off-Campus Living. Living off-campus can be a fun and exciting time, and we are here to help you with all of your off-campus needs.

Bucknell Living Off-campus (BLOC)

We want you to have an extraordinary and successful off-campus living experience. Living off campus provides students with the opportunity to become an adult. I think off campus students have many more responsibilities than most on campus students; besides the work they have for school, off campus students are usually responsible for paying their monthly rent, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of other financial matters.

Living off campus
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