Year 11 ancient history course notes

But he excated horizontlly and all finds were grouped together even when they were found at different stratigraphic layers. Although camel urine was the most prized, laundries usually hadd to make do with human urine and male passers-by were urged to supply their urine by filling the jugs hanging outside.

One of the major reference material for this post is … November 15, Filed under: Large variety — Pompeii: After the last ruler of the 11th dynasty, Mentuhotep IV, was assassinated, the throne passed to his vizier, or chief minister, who became King Amenemhet I, founder of dynasty And some have a prejudice against dead people.

The capital would grow into a great metropolis that dominated Egyptian society during the Old Kingdom period. Within the building was a statue of herself. This unit requires a focus on a range of written and archaeological source material and an evaluation of the significance of the selected individual.

HIS reviews the general history of the West from about bce to ce and allows students to reach a basic understanding of the characteristic features of the West's historical development. The controversial Amenhotep IV c. During the third and fourth dynasties, Egypt enjoyed a golden age of peace and prosperity.

When this Liquamen, as it was called, had been much reduced over a period of six weeks by evaporation. What we understand as regional cultures today are often the product of complex processes of intermixing of local traditions with ideas from other parts of the subcontinent.

Ancient Egypt

This post … June 24, Filed under: Wayne and Dorothy Miller Some recommended online lectures and websites: You sell the inferior stuff but you keep for yourself, you swine, the good bottles.

Send the title of the site, the url and a brief explanation why you find the information interesting and applicable to the material being studied in this unit. The empire was divided into 26 provinces. The 13th dynasty marked the beginning of another unsettled period in Egyptian history, during which a rapid succession of kings failed to consolidate power.

But in exams questions are repeatedly asked … July 10, Filed under: The main points from the chapters are compiled below.

During this Zhou era China embraced a feudal society of decentralized power. Environment NotesIndian History Notes The contemporary India experiences an almost unrestricted exploitation of resources because of the lure of new consumerist lifestyles.

Iron Age China then dissolved into the warring states period where possibly millions of soldiers fought each other over feudal struggles. One of these rebellions triumphed in B. The beginning of the Shang dynasty emerged in China in this period, and there was evidence of a fully developed Chinese writing system.

Distant nations such as Imperial Rome and the Chinese Han Dynasty rarely communicated but a horde of Roman Coins have been discovered in modern day Vietnam. Social change, political transformation as well as ecological events all contributed to the end of Ancient Times and the beginning of the Post Classical era in Eurasia roughly around the year The Shang Dynasty is the first Chinese regime recognized by western scholars though Chinese historians insist that the Xia Dynasty preceded it.

Also, a detailed analysis of Budget is in the making.

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Images of Mercury, the god of commerce, were also displayed in numerous places to fain blessings: In Persia regime change took place from Parthia to the more centralized Sassanian Empire.

Greek culture, and technology spread through West and South Asia often synthesizing with local cultures. Origin of classical dances Most of the classical dance forms originated in temples. Students investigate the past through an examination of issues relevant to the nature of the evidence, including the ethical practice, ownership and representation of the ancient world.

Excavation by Jashemski revealed vine-root cavities from a large commercial vineyard near the Pompeian amphitheatre; on the site was a torcularium, and a shed with embedded dolia which could each fill 40 amphorae.

In this post, we not only provide guidance regarding priority … December 20, Filed under:. Identify the major steps in the rise of the Mongol Empire.

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Temujin, later dubbed Chinggis Khan, succeeded in bringing the Mongols together, unifying them in the Great Mongol Nation by Throughout andthe Board of Studies NSW developed new K–10 syllabuses for English, Mathematics, Science (incorporating Science and Technology K–6) and History that incorporate agreed Australian Curriculum content.

Course notes by a History lecturer at Utah State University. Excavations - Caesarea Maritima A detailed history and description of the excavations, by the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Ancient history as a term refers to the aggregate of past events from the beginning of writing and recorded human history and extending as far as the post-classical history.

The phrase may be used either to refer to the period of time or the academic discipline. Course Code - GEHIA; General Pathway; Estimated Cost: $ Based on pricing and subject to change. Course Outline. Ancient civilisations and cultures Unit 1 and Power in the ancient world Unit 2 are designed for students who have an interest in Ancient History.

History PowerPoint Presentations for Teachers by Tom Richey On this page, I've assembled my collection of History PowerPoints for teachers to use in their classrooms. This collection includes PowerPoints that I've used in my US History, European History, World History, and American Government courses.

Year 11 ancient history course notes
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